About Us

Meet Laura Founder/Creator

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

In 2021, the need for Psychotherapy increased at a dramatic rate due to the Pandemic and the distress it caused so many people.  With that, came wait lists at therapy offices, burned out therapists who needed to put caseload caps on their schedules and so many people looking for support and hitting dead ends.  I kept saying to myself "there has got to be a better way for people to feel supported and achieve their wellness goals while they are waiting".  And so, Therapy Threads was born.  

​While Therapy Threads is not a replacement for psychotherapy, it is the perfect tool for today that keeps you reminded of where you want to be tomorrow.  It is that daily motivation to become the best version of yourself that is placed right on your sleeve.

​These positive affirmations are ones that I have personally used in therapy that have been of great benefit and I want to share those benefits with the World!

​Thanks for being here and supporting my mission!

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