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Therapy Threads

"lean into discomfort" Crew

"lean into discomfort" Crew

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Do you struggle with resisting some really strong emotions? Anger, fear, anxiety, sadness? What happens when you resist those emotions? Most times, the feeling grows stronger and holds more power over you.

Leaning into Discomfort is the concept that we learn to sit with really strong and intense emotions instead of pushing them away. We have to feel our feelings in order to work through them, even if it makes us uncomfortable.

The next time you experience an intense and unpleasant emotion, acknowledge it, validate the feeling and sit with it for a period of time. Notice what happens to the intensity when you Lean into Discomfort

Each order includes a Therapy Threads vinyl sticker and a *Therapy Reminder* card with a description of the therapeutic phrase and how you can incorporate it into your daily life; consider it your daily dose of retail therapy. 

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